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Mon, Dec 09


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Genocide Prevention Day

Genocide Prevention Day was established to create awareness about the Genocide Convention. The Genocide Convention is a collection of articles that establishes how to prevent genocide and what to do if a country is in danger of being a victim of genocide.

Time & Location

Dec 09, 2024, 12:00 AM

All Day

About the event

Genocide Prevention Day in Australia is observed on December 9 each year.  Genocide is a word that refers to acts of violence perpetrated against members of a racial, ethnic, national, or religious group. The goal is to annihilate the entire group. The term ‘genocide’ became widely used after World War II when the magnitude of the Nazi regime’s atrocities against European Jews became apparent. As a result, the United Nations defined genocide to be an international crime in 1948; the word would eventually be used to define the crimes perpetrated during hostilities in the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda in Africa in the 1990s. 

Understanding the causes of genocide and genocidal conflicts is vital to preventing them. Genocidal conflict is founded on identity. Genocide is more likely to occur in communities where different racial, national, ethnic, and religious groups are involved in identity struggles. The first stage of preventing genocide is to identify the elements (discriminatory behaviors) that contribute to the violent treatment of a group of people. The second stage involves investigating strategies to reduce and eliminate these contributing factors. Since no country is completely homogeneous, genocide is a global problem. Click HERE to view the resources developed by National Today.

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